About Us

WealMan Associates Bangalore:

Credentials. Who we are and what we do?

1.Enriching our Clients Life quantitatively & qualitatively through Wealth Accumulation, through Goal based recommendations.
2.Helping a Family avert Catastrophe in the event of Crisis by Wealth Protection & Insurance Planning
3.Helping you to enjoy Your Golden Years by Wealth Preservation and Retirement Planning.
4.Helping Families, Business Owners pass on a meaningful Legacy by Wealth Distribution and to help attain Financial Freedom.

Consultation with Client Centric & Experienced

Certified Financial Planners CFPCM
Certified in Life & General Insurance -IRDA
Certified AMFI (Mutual Funds) Distributor,
Certified NCFM (Capital Markets)
WealMan Associates:

Founder and Chief Consultant Srinivasan T Seshacharya-CFP

Passionate in contributing, to all the stakeholders in Personal Finance, making an attempt to make the Financial Consumer smile better ?
35 Yrs diversified and rich work experience:
10+12 Years respectively, in Pharma-Health Care/IT-Office Automation, after which the last 12 Years, in Personal Finance (Life Goals Facilitiation,Training )


Bring clarity and purpose to the clients and help them meet their aspirations and Life Goals.

Vision :

Partner in Clients Growth to Prosperity & Financial Freedom!